Where Are Glock Firearms Made?

Where Are Glock Firearms Made? Where are Glock firearms made? The company started making guns in 1907. Due to the company’s long history, they have a lot of experience in building quality guns. In fact, most of the current models of glock firearms were probably developed based on older designs. Continue Reading

In approximately 1543, Which European Nation Introduced Firearms and Gunpowder to Japan?

In approximately 1543, which European nation brought firearms and gunpowder to Japan? The Portuguese, some historians believe. The Portuguese also introduced tobacco and pepper to Japan, but it is unclear which nation brought gunpowder. Regardless of the origin, the Europeans were responsible for creating the first firing range in Japan. Continue Reading

Who Invented Firearms?

The history of firearms begins around 900 years ago in China. There is some debate as to who invented the first firearm, but a number of important inventors are named. The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison all made significant contributions to the history of the modern gun. Continue Reading