Baby Guide: How to Buy a baby bouncer

What is a Baby Bouncer? For all those soon-to-be-parents, it is important that you understand what your baby will need once he/she is born and prepare according to that. Baby Bouncer is one of those things which you definitely need for your baby because sometimes you just don’t have time to play or keep an eye on your baby at all times, this is where bouncers come in. They not only provide your baby with an entertainment medium but also make sure that the baby is securely strapped in while you carry out your work. This makes it crucial to choose a baby bouncer which is safe for your baby. With the help of this guide, you will be able to choose the Best Baby Bouncer for your baby.

Types of Bouncers

  1. Basic Baby Bouncer

As the name suggests, this type of bouncers provide you with the least amount of features and are designed with only one purpose in mind, to let your baby bounce with the most minimal effort. They are portable and can be easily folded to be stored and transported.

  1. Baby Activity Bouncer

Now, this bouncer comes with more features to keep your baby occupied and entertained once they become bored of bouncing. It comes with a variety of games, music, etc. to amuse your baby and is known to be a little less bouncy due to the weight of the various features.

Features to look out for

A basic baby bouncer needs to have these following features else it is no use to you:

  • Seating Material

It is important to find a bouncer which your baby will find comfortable and will like to spend time in, if you get a bouncer with the harsh material then chances are your baby won’t even touch that bouncer. You can also go for best budget high chairs for 2017.

  • Seat Padding

Make sure you choose a bouncer with adequate padding. Low padding can result in injury and too much padding may not provide your baby with adequate support.

  • Easy to Clean

Always remember that you would need to clean your baby’s bouncer every once in a week, so go for a bouncer whose material is easier to clean and won’t be a pain for you.

  • Head support and seat inclination

One of the most important features to consider would be the seat inclination and head support. If your bouncer doesn’t provide a soft cushion for your infant’s head support then there is likely going to be an injury when your baby bounces. In case you have a car, we recommend you to use infant car seats.Also, infants are more comfortable in a reclined seat so make sure you can adjust the head support and seat inclination accordingly.

  • Frame size

Make sure you opt for a bouncer with a wider frame design as this would ensure that your baby doesn’t fall off when they bounce too much.

  • Portability

Always remember that you would need to carry and store your baby bouncer from time to time, so it is important that your bouncer is lightweight and can be folded easily to be stored or carried away.

  • Frame material

The frame material of your bouncer is also an important feature to consider, you don’t want your bouncer breaking with your baby still bouncing in it now, do you? So make sure to avoid plastic frames as they are easily breakable. Go for metal frames which are bound to be sturdier and firmer.

  • Weight Limit

Always check what the weight limit on a particular bouncer is and then go for one appropriate your baby. If you choose a bouncer which has a low weight limit, your baby won’t be able to use it for a long time.

  • Secure Strapping

Make sure the bouncer has straps in place to keep your baby safe and away from all kinds of harm. Sometimes your baby might bounce too much and straps will protect him/her from falling off.

  • Entertainment features

Apart from all the above features, it is important to buy a bouncer which provides adequate entertainment to your baby when they get bored of bouncing. Music, themes, lightings, activity bars, etc. are just a few things which you could probably consider.

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