Browning Citori 725 Superposed Gun Review

The Browning Citori 725 Sporting has a double Barrel shotgun. Each barrel is cupped in 6.5 Creedmoor using a velocity of 350 feet per second. The 556 and 223 chambers are also contained. The 725 is offered with one 30-round drum magazine and one 20 round magazine.

The overall length of the shotgun is about thirty-eight inches long overall including the buttstock and the magazine tube. The overall weight of the entire shotgun is less than two hundred and twenty pounds unloaded. This is a heavy shotgun for an easy handling. One feature of the clitoris seven25 that sets it apart from other shotguns is the low profile receiver.

The low profile receiver of the clitoris seven25 features a sturdy design that is almost identical to a pistol. It is made from a high density fiberglass material. In addition it features a locking bolt that is easily accessible and can be locked and unlocked with either hand. These locks are set at the bottom of the barrels.

For more accurate shooting and less recoil there is the ribbed carbon steel buttstock. The buttstock is designed to withstand the hard hits necessary to achieve success in hunting. The shotgun also has six adjustable slots for loading additional ammunition. Browning has designed the clitoris seven25 so that there is no need to use traditional accessories such as a sling or rubber buttstock, for attaching the accessory to your lower or upper shoulder.

There are many benefits to choosing the clitoris seven25 over other shotguns. One of these benefits is that it is able to shoot long distances at a very fast rate due to its powerful recoil. Another benefit is that the low-profile receiver eliminates the need for an extended handle. This is another legendary feature of the original B25 superposed gun and is a modern performance advantage. In addition, the low-profile receiver eliminates the interference from side recoil that can cause malfunctions in other guns.

If you are looking for a reliable shotgun that will shoot consistently every shot, the new citori 725 is the gun for you. Other models of this style of shotgun are not as durable and reliable as they are reliable. Browning has taken every measure possible to make sure this gun is the best it can be. With a fully adjustable hop-up and a durable high-carbon steel body, the new citori 725 is the gun that you want to take with you. With a proven legend behind it, this high quality shotgun from Browning is the new black.

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