Christensen Arms M Mesa – Designed to Fire accurately

The Christensen Arms Mesa rifle delivers accuracy, reliability and perfection at a fair price. The Christensen Arms Mesa rifle pushes the boundaries of performance, precision and power without breaking the bank on an extravagant rifle. It features a heavy-duty forged steel barrel, in the style of a bullet-resistant bird-fletching steel barrel, to the Christensen Arms complete line of rifles. The large round buttstock and adjustable gas block give this rifle a comfortable, accurate fit and perfect accuracy. Other features include a dust cap cover, side porting to accommodate gas tube assemblies, magazine release, and muzzle brake. Overall, the rifle is extremely accurate and fast.

The Christensen Arms MGA 14 rifle comes with a matching buttstock and foreword and is finished in medium metal with flat black nitride rifling. For accuracy, a matching AEG (airsoft gun) is included. Unlike other M Garcia models, the match chamber makes it possible to shoot both groups of cartridges at the same time, providing consistent results. The trigger has a rubber tip for better accuracy and a metal clip that are easily detachable.

These rifles are the perfect choice for hunters looking for semi-automatic or fully automatic action. The match-grade trigger and magazine are fully adjustable for comfort and will hold up to thirty-five pounds. The top rail is made of plastic and includes two adjustable tension slots for comfortable carrying, and an eight-position buttstock cap. Three rubber butt pads are included and make it easy to carry and assemble.

At just over seven pounds, these rifles are light enough for even younger children to handle. For a hunting enthusiast, the weight of the Christensen Arms Mesa is perfect. At just over ten pounds, the muzzle is manageable for even younger hands, and it can handle heavier loads without the danger of the barrel bending. An eight-position buttstock is included to accommodate either one or two rifles, and a one-inch twist base allows it to be fixed on an old-fashioned spring or bolt.

The buttstock is supported by a six.5 pound ram and it is compatible with traditional cartridges of any type. The patented Radial muzzle brake is designed to work in tandem with the recoil of the rifle. When the operator pulls back on the trigger, the brakes on both ends of the rifle squeeze and hold, holding the spent cartridge against the stationary crosshairs on the sight picture. Once the operator releases the trigger, the brake slowly releases to allow the spent cartridge out into the firing arc. With the exception of a high port, no other accessories are needed to attach the Christensen Arms Mesa to a firearm.

For even more performance, a detachable hop-up is included. This allows the user to adjust the height of the muzzle while operating the rifle. When the user is comfortable, the detachable hop-up can be removed and replaced with a standard hop-up, allowing the muzzle to be zeroed in at all times. An eight-position hornady buttstock is included along with the Christensen Arms Mesa. The hornady stock is compatible with most landlords, including Remingtons and Hornady ammunition.

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