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Common Core…stealth jihad directed at America’s children

While we’re all focused on the Middle East right now, especially on Syria, a form of stealth jihad is sneaking into our country…a form of which affects all states…all schools…and all our children…and it’s name is Common Core.

Forced on the states by the Obama administration…enabled by Obama’s federal stimulus law…Common Core will be implemented this school year in the 46 states that have adopted it, thus eliminating local control over the kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum in those states. The adoption of Common Core means that teaching becomes a one-size-fits-all affair that will NOT address the needs of the ‘special needs child’…neither the gifted child nor the slow learner…because NO deviation from the standard norm in teaching is allowed.

And there will be NO escaping Common Core as its curriculum and teaching methods will also apply to private schools and the home schooled. In fact, many Catholic and other private schools are adopting Common Core in preparation for college-entrance exams…exams that will be based on Common Core criteria.

Simply put…the truth about Common Core is that it will revamp America’s public educational system and NOT for the better as Common Core also allows for a rewriting of American history, with the new curriculum and accompanying textbooks showing a definite slant and bias towards islam, while at the same time mocking or ignoring America’s Judeo-Christian roots and values.

common coreAnd with one of its most in-your-face leftist agenda aspects, the Common Core curriculum has, for example, replaced the world’s great literary works with what’s called ‘informational texts’…another name for government propaganda. Shakespeare, Hemingway, and the other literary giants will be replaced by ‘informational texts’ extolling the virtues of same-sex marriage, abortion, drug use, and the all-important acceptance of all things islam. Students in the lower grades will now divide their time between literature and these leftist writings until high school, when literary works will make up a mere 30% of English/Language Arts instruction.

And the teaching of math under Common Core guidelines means getting the right answer just does NOT matter anymore as long as the student can explain the faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer. 2 + 2 = 5 is OK…just explain how you got that answer. And Common Core puts many students mathematically two years behind those of many high-achieving countries. For example, Algebra 1 would be taught in 9th grade NOT 8th grade as previously taught, making calculus inaccessible to them in high school, and this would affect top-tier college entrance requirements.

Also, contrary to the traditional American belief that justice is based on individual rights, Common Core teaches ‘Social Justice’ meaning teachers must teach that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed.

And the most unbelievable of all is that Common Core is using our public schools, Catholic schools, and private schools to indoctrinate our children into islam. ‘The Five Pillars of Islam’ are an integral part of Common Core teaching beginning in pre-k and lasting through the12th grade. For example, students have muslim beliefs lessons where they must watch videos, research pre-selected web sites, complete worksheets, and create posters about the duties of muslims.

I wonder if that includes a muslim’s duty to wage jihad…as written in the qur’an.

And even with all this, Common Core still self-promotes itself as a fair and just universal set of educational standards that will unite all students under a common learning system…under common leftist political beliefs…with a curriculum in place that proponents say is designed so that every student graduating from high school is prepared to either enter college or the workforce. But what proponents do NOT tell you is that Common Core actually lowers school standards negating the very thing they promote themselves as doing.

common core5And Common Core is far from the educational panacea that most dissatisfied with our public system of education hoped for as Common Core remains…NO matter how it’s packaged and sold…a one size fits all form of education that ignores the fact that each child is unique…each child’s learning skills or lack thereof is unique…and each state’s educational guidelines are unique.

In fact, Common Core is actually ‘dumbed-down’ education with less teacher responsibility than ever before as there is NO incentive to reach for higher standards, as all states will be judged by the same mediocre national benchmark enforced by the federal government…the Obama federal government.

So while Common Core proponents are in total support of the already ‘too much in control’ federal government setting even more educational standards than they already do, they fail to accept the fact that the federal government should NOT be involved in public education at all nor should they be setting any educational standards as public schools should be under state, county, and local auspices with standards set within each school district to meet the needs of the students going to school in said district.

And when you add in the specific negatives in how Common Core was implemented ‘red flags’ should be waving in the faces of every parent with school age children…’red flags’ waving because Common Core was pushed through state legislatures by unelected bureaucrats who created the Common Core ‘standards’ using monies garnered from special interests groups…meaning there was NO legislative vote by elected officials reflecting the will of the people or the will of the parents.

And in addition to all the educational negatives, schools that have implemented Common Core have government permission to collect private data on each student including religion, medical, and psychological info, and to do so WITHOUT parental consent. WITHOUT parental consent… meaning once again the federal government is butting into our personal lives and doing so without a warrant or just cause…doing so simply because they can.

common core3Also, Common Core does NOTHING to address how teachers actually teach for even with Common Core standards in place teachers will still be teaching to the test…maybe NOT the same tests that are now in effect…but standardized tests nevertheless…with the end result being that parents and teachers will have even less control over their child’s education than they do now.

So with a curriculum so deviated from the much needed basics…reading, writing, and arithmetic… with a curriculum that reeks of the leftist liberal political agenda…and with a curriculum that smells of Agenda 21 indoctrination….Common Core should be rejected by all school districts for the sake of our children…for Common Core is rotten to its very core.

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  • Eunice Ang

    How can we fight/reject it?

    • Diane Sori

      By attending your local school board meetings and saying in a loud voice…NO COMMON CORE!

    • David Brown

      ACT! for America has local chapters that attempt to work with the local school districts.

  • Alecia Monique Morris

    Get rid of Obama!! IS how you fight this. This is the hope and change he was talking about!!!

    • Diane Sori

      I so agree…

  • Old Ga Dawg


    • Diane Sori

      I agree.

    • hiway280z

      It is going to be worse than just a socialist country. They are being brain washed into Islam.

  • Delle Lloyd Kincaid

    This is primarily false information. I encourage all of you to go and do your own research regarding the common core standards. As a public educator who is being guided by these standards, they are simply raising the bar of what we teach. They are NOT telling me HOW to teach. In addition, the correct answer in math really does still matter. The difference is that we are now caring more about the fact thaat students need to understand WHY 3 x 2 + 6, not just that it does. BUT, it does not take away from the fact that six is the only correct answer.

    Again, just do your own research and form your own opinions.

    • sandya46

      I have been hearing of schools teaching Islam and displaying the Five Pillars. So what is your response about that? And what about home schooling? I am glad my kids are grown because they would not attend a school that will teach islam and not traditional studies. I worry about my grandkids though!

      • Diane Sori

        Private and home schools have to abide by certain state standards…hence they also have to abide by Common Core.

        • Dena Spinks

          Depends on what the state requires from you in homeschooling. In Texas, it is whatever you want to use.

          • Tressa

            Louisiana too. Until high school if they want to qualify for TOPS. We’re first year homeschoolers (7th grade), and I do believe this is a permanent decision.

        • windy lee

          not in nc. we can teach how we see fit, about whatever we want.

    • Diane Sori

      WRONG WRONG WRONG! Common Core is the indoctrination and ‘dumbing down’ of America’s children. Common Core gives teaches LESS responsibility than before…maybe that’s why you like it…as does the Teacher’s Union. And BTW, I did my research and attended MANY lectures on Common Core…I know from which I speak.

    • Linda Dunbar Rutkowski


      • missjewels20

        I agree with your math! She probably meant 3×2=6. She should have proof read before she posted. :)

    • ljcarolyne

      Give us a break, you must have taken common core yourself, because you sure are dumb. . .I don’t need you telling me to research and I see you can’t see the truth.

      • Delle Lloyd Kincaid

        You can’t “Take” common core. It is not a class or a curriculum. It is simply a set of standards. There have been similar standards in place since I started teaching. In the 15 years I have taught, standards have been looked at, examined, and rewritten numerous times. This is just another rewrite. Again, the common core standards do not tell us how to teach. They simply provide a standardized outline to which we all are guided by.

        Overall, I would encourage all of you who are so unhappy with the public education system and seem to support home schooling to go and do that. No one is stopping you. And these standards, the Obama administration, and all of the highly educated professionals who have dedicated their life to this craft are not stopping you. That is the beauty of America; if you don’t like any of this, then go and do your own thing. Or not. But, there are many educators, who have spent lots of time and mental energy developing their talents and knowledge base, who feel that these are valid standards that will help us as a nation to challenge young minds and place them where they need to be to compete in a global society. A global society that includes Christians, Muslims, Atheists, and a slew of other schools of thought each of which deserves respect and time. Like it or not, our world will always have different types of people. It IS my job as an educator to teach children about as many of these schools of thought as possible so that they are prepared to interact with all kinds of individuals as they move on in life. That is not indoctrination. That is education.

        So, if this is not to your liking, then please feel free to remove your child and educate them in the way that you feel is right as their parent. NO ONE is stopping you.

        • sandya46

          If you are teaching diversity, I have no problem with that! However, if you are replacing teaching our foundation of values and beliefs with those of others…then we have a problem! I would hope that my grandkids do not walk into school and the first thing they see is a display of the 5 Pillars of Islam plastered on a wall like in the one school that was on the news. Plus, our history should not be rewritten as has been suggested and is even being taught in some areas. Our very Constitution has been reworded in some places. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic is pushing the envelope a bit also. This is wrong. Like I said, I have no problem with teaching diversity. I have had classes in diversity and found them very interesting and helpful in communicating and understanding others. As far as the Obama Administration, I would not lump them in with the highly educated individuals you spoke of! I have seen no good come of their fingers in the pot. And, not all highly educated individuals are able to take that education and apply it effectively!

          Teachers do have a tough job. I know this, I have taught adults before from age 18 and up. I also have seen in these adult students what has lacked in their K-12 teaching that has caused us delays in being able to start them in their chosen post-secondary programs. That is a huge issue and it continues to get worse. The students do not get the extra help they need in order to succeed. Instead the teachers are out the door before the buses even leave the school with the kids at the end of the day and the kids are shoved through the system before they are ready. Teachers don’t stay after or event meet students early to help them get the information they are not understanding. Does this Common Core address that?? How about the special needs kids…the ones who may be mentally challenged or are extremely intelligent and need to move faster? How is cookie cutter teaching and curricula going to help them?? I am so glad I do not have kids in today’s schools! I worry about my grandkids though!

        • seeingeye

          If you were taught to “common core” standards, did it not teach you that it is wrong to end a sentence with a preposition as you did in your first paragraph? Did it also teach you against using fragmented sentences? I believe I now understand the reason behind the “dumbing down of America.”

          • ljcarolyne

            LOL – you go!!

        • Kong’s Revenge

          You are incorrect in stating :”It IS my job as an educator to teach children about as many of these schools of thought as possible so that they are prepared to interact with all kinds of individuals as they move on in life. That is not indoctrination. That is education.”

          Unless you are a college professor, it is your JOB to teach the fundamental basics needed in order to proceed into higher education. College is where young adults, who are of age, can form their own opinions about “schools of thought”. Whenever you start “teaching” schools of thought to elementary and middle school children (even high school as well) that most certainly is indoctrination. The responsibility of lower level educators should be to teach the basic principals needed to succeed in higher education. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • hiway280z

          It also applied to home schooling from what I read. Teach what and how they did in the 50’s or before. That generation could write and print, knew history, geography,math, english, science and other real subjects. They were not taught race, gay and all the other agenda’s
          Our human science and health was taught from real books, not porno books with a different cover like I saw a teacher expose on T.V.a few years back.

    • Laurie Burke

      And what is 3 x 2 + 6, anyway? Looks like your educational background was in Common Core!

    • Dwight Upton

      Thanks for giving a math equation and then an answer which is WRONG. The answer is 12.
      Your reasoning on Common Core is just as wrong. Get your head from out of your superintendents a$$ and learn to use critical thinking about Common Core. Talk to employers and determine the quality of education form their opinions. Their experiences are far superior to the opinions of the professors

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  • Tony Harrison

    The Department of Education should be renamed the “Department of Indoctrination”. That would be more truthful since for a long time now the education system in America has been less and less about education and more and more about indoctrination.

  • Daniel Reinhardt

    Where is your evidence to back up your claims, are there any documents that you can provide from the United States Department of Education that Common Core is mujahideen teachings? I would like to see your research and citations that spout this garbage, or is this just your bias towards Obama?

  • Logan Ansede

    I hear more of this math common core argument that “there are many ways to solve problems and CC reinforces this”. I don’t think the way I learned math discouraged how i arrived at my answer – its called show your work and I got partial credit if i arrived at the wrong answer. CC is not necessary – Diane is right, this is a wedge to remove local accountability and further creep federal control (and its revisions) to our children.

  • ljcarolyne

    I’m so- ooo sick of those little Muslim corrupted gene pool brats pictures at every turn, . . .to hell with them all.

  • Chester Mealer

    Calling this “light on sources” would actually do this rant a complement there’s not even a direct quote in the whole thing. Publishing unsubstantiated rants like this is how grass roots conservatives get such a bad name.

  • Dena Spinks

    Having a similar situation in Texas with CScope, I say run, run as fast you can to the people that want to take this curriculum (because that’s exactly what it is) and tell them to shove it. I dealt with CScope, which used “diversity” in a way that was over the top with calling the terrorist that hit the Twin Towers as “freedom fighters”. Basic essay writing skills were non existence (brainstorming to properly writing a paper – something that I learned in 5th grade, she could barely comprehend in 8th). They decided to change the way you learn math too. I cannot even begin to describe the arguments that would go on in our house due to her learning a certain way and getting it wrong if it was done in the way I showed her. Same answer, but different style she would get the answer marked wrong. So basically, you are complete shut out of their learning in that sense, because you have no idea what or how they are taught, because no books are available. That’s Right!!! NO BOOKS WERE SUPPLIED TO STUDENTS TO REFERENCE BACK TOO!!!! Do you remember that when you were going to school? Colleges don’t even do that. They did this so parents could not look at what the student is learning. Teachers were not allowed to discuss anything about the curriculum, or they would be faced with a fine and possible jail time. I had a friend whose daughter, at the time was in 6th grade, was to write about certain events that pertained about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. First, being a religious person, if the Federal Courts ruled that prayer is not allow in schools, why are they being taught Theology. I believe they need to keep it out. I understand that a lot of History was done in religion, however, when the paper is asking you to write this and you are supplied with a page on Islam, 3 paragraphs of Judaism and 1 paragraph on Christianity, bias has its hand in it. They still use CScope, but only in the scope aspect, however, that is the worst of the whole curriculum, because whoever designed CScope never understood sequence & scope because it is all over the place. You should research what happened to some of the places in Texas with CScope and then you will see what Common Core is about. It runs in the same group of inadequate practices for our children.

  • Judy Eaton

    Defund all this crap. A total waste.

  • Laurie Burke

    WHY is our federal administration always trying to force the ideology of islam down our throats? This has NOTHING to do with “diversity”. Unless the curriculum gives equal time to Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and studying the faith of the Sikh’s, just to name a few faiths, then it is simply a mechanism to brainwash and groom the next generation of children to become muslim. Period. Why on earth ANYONE would want to aspire to a cult that has a pedophile and polygamist such as Mohammed as their “prophet” is beyond me. Yes, Mohammed married his first wife when she was age 6, but considered himself a “gentlemen” for not having sex with her until she reached age 9.

    Any attempt at “dumbing down” our students will be a catastrophic loss to our nation. Fields such as medicine, engineering and technology, just to name a few, rely heavily on accuracy especially in mathematics. If children don’t learn what they need to before high school graduation, they will NEVER be accepted into any colleges in order to learn any of these advanced fields.

    Our “wonderful” president has never made it a secret that he hates America and her supposed imperialism. All of his actions including the touting of Common Core shows just how much he is intent on taking down this country. If we have a generation of children that are incapable of performing to world standards, it will take more than one generation after that to catch up, if at all. If even one generation is clueless about the answers for simple equations, how on earth will they teach the next generation if they don’t know the answers themselves?

    So the boys will know how to sodomize each other and everyone will know how to put on a condom, but they won’t have any idea who our first president was or what our Constitution is. Common Core REALLY makes my blood boil!

  • Clay Cooper


    (Graphic) Muslim trophy in Syria: lifeless body of decapitated Christian child

    • Steve Ramsey

      What does this have to do with Common Core, exactly?

  • missjewels20

    Do you have sources for this information? I would like to see them…Thank you!

  • Robin

    Really the article doesn’t say as much as the comments posted below, which is something I always find when reading this type of thing. To the person that claims to be a teacher in support of Common Core – how dare you? You sit there and tell people if they’re not satisfied, they can leave and choose to home school? As if our concerns aren’t valid? As if watching MY child struggle and cry and get frustrated and defeated shouldn’t MATTER?? If this wonderful new “set of standards” (that’s crap by the way) is so wonderful for teachers, then why are so many leaving the education system? Why does every single teacher I talk to use the words “we’re not allowed” or “we don’t have a choice” when it comes to the things being taught, or not taught???

    I honestly couldn’t care less, at this point, about what this article is saying. I’ve read and done my own research and it’s the same every time – those against Common Core bring highly valid points to the table, and the supporters of it answer with the same load of nonsense and preset lines. None of that matters. What matters is that this ridiculous “set of standards” is having NEGATIVE effects on our children! They are not learning what they need to learn and more than half of them can’t grasp the way things are being taught. Here’s what folks need to realize: When you’re dealing with parents that care about their children? They DO their own research and that is why so many are against Common Core. Those of us who still think with our own minds, rather than blindly accepting what local/state/federal governments try to shove down our throats, are not idiots and we’re not complaining just to hear ourselves talk. We are SICK of this sort of nonsense and it’s time it stopped!

    And by the way, if there are typos or grammatical errors in my post, it does NOT mean I’m an idiot, it means my fingers moved too fast because I’m an aggravated mother!

  • Jinia Parker

    Someone posted this link on FB Florida Virtual School site and I followed where I shouldn’t. We are using that program which uses CC. Today we worked with Black Beauty by Sewell and it is neither an informational text nor is it Islamic. What it is is classic..exactly what you state won’t be used. When he turned in his math and his answer was incorrect, guess what? It was marked wronged. This piece is riddled with inaccuracies and ignorance. No research or quotes to be found. It appears the only one spreading propaganda (information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view) would be this post. Shame on you.

  • Steve Ramsey

    Stealth Jihad against America’s children? Really? Are you kidding me? Is it possible to pander any more directly toward people who would rather react to emotional statements than to to care about research and facts? I’m no fan of the Obama administration, but – geez… Give me a break.

  • Brian Murphy

    U.S. citizens have to unite across the political divide as the issues are huge and a threat to the whole, culture, health etc start at community level and work thru the elected reps in Congress and the senate to stop the Islamization of U.S by this is just the first step by global Islam to undermine U.S.; these Islamists are funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc and other rich Islamist states such as where Hussein Obama is visiting now in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia etc ; of course Pres. Obama is helping these Islamists to take over U.S.; now is the time to make a stand and not allow these evil Satanists to get established in U.S.; it is my belief that Congress men and women and Senators are afraid of Obama’s secret police such as C.I.A., F.B.I., etc as some investigative journalists have reportedly been murdered by C.I.A. in trying to trace the records of Obama such as his birth “cert” , “attendance” at college etc

  • Hard Boiled

    they are making it so that the American children are numbed down, and that the Muslim children and illegals can compete against them for that janitor’s job! then they can give the better jobs to the Muslim brotherhood families, and wipe Americans off the continent! Make sure you save your old textbooks, because they will be burning them, so Muslims can be shown as the leaders in this country!

  • hiway280z

    So they will all be in Islam and bow down to the government and be uneducated. Will they set up an area to teach the kids how to behead an infidel ? Will they then stop all female from being in school at all and of course put them in burka’s. They are worthless except to let the men jump on them, demand sex acts and have new mus babies. Seems to be where it is headed.

  • rsii0210

    Every Patriot man or woman needs to get a rifle, 200 rounds of ammunition and march on D.C.

    We are way past electing representatives who represent US. They line their pockets at the trough of taxation. Time for a restoration of our borders, values and culture.

    Do it for “The Children”