How to Become an NRA Firearms Instructor

As an NRA Firearms Instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to teach the public about the safety of guns and other ammunition. NRA firearms instructors serve as leaders in the communities where they teach. They also provide a valuable service, as they provide young people with the opportunity to learn about firearm ownership. To become an NRA Instructor, you need to possess some teaching experience or have a background in teaching. Additionally, you’ll need to meet certain shooting qualification requirements, which you’ll be notified of when you apply.

The NRA’s Instructor Training Program prepares people to instruct NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses. The NRA Training Counselors conducting these courses assess candidates’ performance and evaluate their ability to use appropriate training aids. During the course, candidates will learn NRA discipline-specific instructional methods. This course requires a minimum 90% passing grade. Once you’ve finished the NRA instructor training course, you’ll be certified to teach the NRA Firearms Training Courses.

Basic Instructor Training is a six-hour, objective-based course that’s sponsored by Level 1 Firearms Training. It’s not a certification course; it’s an introduction to teaching methods and a foundational course for all NRA disciplines and skills, including Personal Protection Outside the Home and e-firearm safety. Instructors may attend the Basic Instructor Training for an additional six hours if they want to add a different rating.

Once you’ve completed the Level 1 course, you’ll be able to teach the NRA’s Rifle and Shotgun courses. You can pay for each individual course separately, or take them all at once. However, the NRA requires a membership fee of $35. If you’re pursuing advanced certification, Level 1 recommends bundles of selected courses. For example, the Hell Week Instructor Package prepares instructors to teach concealed carry concepts.

Basic Instructor Training is the first step in the process of becoming an NRA Firearms Instructor. The six-hour classroom course covers firearm safety techniques and policy and procedure. Basic Instructor training is valid for one year. There are also ‘Discipline Specific’ Instructor Training courses for Rifle, Pisgun, and Shotgun. During Basic Instructor Training, candidates demonstrate their organizational skills and knowledge. After completing the course, they must pass a final written exam.

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