If They Come To Your Door Don’t Let Them In

I got an email from my husband, Michael, a while ago which confirmed that Russian door-to-door booksellers are going across the United States looking for children. It didn’t take much research to discover that this phenomenon is taking place all over the US since at least late June. There are reports nationwide that these people are going into neighborhoods in groups, and as individuals, on bikes and in cars, men and women, and they are going to homes that show evidence of children living in them. They are looking for playground equipment, bicycles, skates, balls and anything that indicates children’s presence. They knock on the door and hold up an extremely expensive children’s book and start asking questions.

Families who are approached all say that the person asked where they could find other homes with children inside. In Mechanicsburg, PA, hundreds of parents in the central Pennsylvania area have had “encounters” with the foreign bookseller.

They were reported in Los Angeles on July 11, and several other places across the US from Fairbanks, Alaska on June 26, rural central Illinois on June 26, and 2 undisclosed places, one on June 29th and also on July 8th, and in Pullman, WA. Today we found out they are in Harris County, Houston, TX, which is where I live. One of Steve Quayle’s readers reported it on his website.

I have been watching the alerts and news posted on beforeitnews.com about the so-called book sellers looking for all the children in the area. I had been seeing how they were hitting all the surrounding towns in Texas. I can confirm that they are in Harris County, Houston, TX today. One of them came up to our house just as my father-in-law was heading out. The woman was no more than 23 well-built and had blonde hair dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. She had a huge clipboard bigger than a standard 811. My father-in-law said the paper on it looked 1111 and had writing on the top and the bottom with about 40 names in the middle. When she came up to him she immediately asked if he was the father of the household. I had already told my father to be on the lookout for these things.

When he told her all his kids were grown and gone she pressed him to see if he had any grandchildren in the house. He told her that it was just him and his wife. She then asked if he knew other houses with kids. She was very forceful in her speech almost like she had to know. My dad said she was looking at peoples address numbers. My father had been a pastor for many years. I asked him if he felt anything spiritually wrong with her. He told me yes that she was trying to be as gooey nice as possible but that there was something dark about her voice. My daughter is an outdoors girl, and she loves to look outside. Steve it broke my heart having to tell her she can’t open her window or go outside and play. She is too young to understand. It infuriates me to no end that because of them I can’t let her go out. I try not to worry, but I guess it goes with being a parent and wanting to protect the blessing the Lord has given my wife and I. Ill email you again if I see or hear anything else.

Various details gathered from reports include: they work either by themselves or in a group; a heavy foreign–usually Russian–accent; well-built; physically fit; military mannerisms or appearance; they’re selling children’s books that are extremely expensive–sometimes reported in the $100 to $500 per book range.

They are looking for information about any children in the household, including names and ages. They are always “very persistent” in their pursuit of this information about children in the home, and if they can’t get answers they will push to find out when they can return to speak to someone else about it later. They usually ask about other families with children living in the same neighborhood. Many of these parents homeschool their children.

Several articles have been written that speculate about “child abduction rings”, but so far there is no evidence that they are affiliated with such activities. Many cities require door-to-door salesmen to get permits. Use caution when discussing your family or your neighbors with strangers that just show up in your neighborhood, especially if they are well-built and speak with an accent. If they are legitimate sales representatives they will be sponsored by someone and will have papers proving it, and they should have registered with the police or the city. Like the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Unfortunately, there are some things that can’t be cured, so it’s better to prevent it from the beginning.

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