Requirements and How to Become a Firearms Instructor

If you have a passion for firearms and are looking for a way to get paid for your skills, you should consider becoming a firearms instructor. Fortunately, there are several courses you can take to obtain the certification you need. Below, we’ll discuss the requirements and how to become a firearms instructor. There are many courses available and the requirements are different for each. You’ll also need a good background in shooting skills and firearm safety before you begin your quest.

There are two basic routes to becoming a firearms instructor. First, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in a field related to firearms. If you are interested in teaching, you can either work as a private instructor or become a certified firearms instructor through the Department of Defense. Regardless of your goal, firearms instructors must undergo a rigorous training program. This includes passing a certification exam, which is required in most states.

Secondly, you can earn a certificate through the National Rifle Association’s Firearms Training Course. The National Rifle Association is the largest firearms training organization in the US. Lastly, you can take an online course offered by a professional firearms training institute. Taking these courses will enable you to earn the certificate required for teaching firearms and other firearm safety. It will also give you valuable teaching tools.

Before you start your course, you should take the proper background check and learn the laws in your state. You can obtain the NRA Instructor Course by completing the appropriate prerequisites. You can also opt to buy firearms instructor insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits in case of injuries or property damages. A NRA-endorsed insurance company offers policies that cost between $150 and $300 per year. The insurance covers general liability, firearm safety, and location rental.

Before you start your career as a firearms instructor, you should get some basic training. The NRA offers a basic training course that requires you to learn the basics of firearm safety. In addition to the instructor training course, NRA requires that you take a basic course in shooting before you enroll in the instructor training. There are also ‘Discipline Specific’ courses for rifle, pistol, shotgun, and reloading.

Become NRA-certified. The NRA will recognize you as a qualified instructor if you teach concealed carry classes in Ohio. You can also earn money as a firearms instructor by taking part in NRA-sponsored courses. Many firearms manufacturers even offer discounts to NRA-certified instructors. And you can make a great living teaching firearms! Just keep in mind to get a certification in firearms!

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