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They all lied…and this one picture* is the proof

They all lied…and this one picture* is the proof
By: Diane Sori

As new information is finally starting to leak out about what really happened in Benghazi on that fateful night of September 11, 2012, NOTHING is more telling than this one single photograph…for this photograph proves that Ambassador Christopher Stevens did NOT die of smoke inhalation in the embassy compound as was claimed by the Obama administration, but was taken alive, raped, sodomized, and God only knows what else…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in their vile orbit knew this from day one and all bold-faced lied.

They all willfully, deliberately, and with malice LIED to Ambassador Stevens’ family and to ‘We the People’. And while we all know that some claim that Stevens was the middle-man in Obama’s gun and weapons running operation to the Syrian rebels, or that he was actually kidnapped to trade for the Blind Sheik and mistakenly killed, I believe that what I will tell you about this picture coupled with Obama’s cover-up and LIES, gives credence to my belief (one that I’ve had since day one) that Ambassador Steven’s found out Obama was running guns and weapons under the table to the al-Qaeda supported Syrian rebels, and was silenced before he could expose what Obama was doing.

Before I get to the photograph we must let the lead-up facts speak for themselves.

First, we all know there was NO spontaneous mob protest outside the consulate as Obama claimed for the first two weeks after the attack. Mob violence that got out of control because of an anti-islamic YouTube video he said, but a video that few had actually seen, that is until he went on Pakistani TV bloviating and apologizing for it after the fact. And with both former CIA Director David H. Petreaus and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO video was involved, they both bold-faced lied to Congress when first questioned, claiming that it was the video and the video alone that caused the attack. But I hate to tell them …NO I’m happy to tell them…lying under oath is a felony…an arrestable offense.

Second, Obama and crew still continue to claim there was NO warning of an impending attack issued by our Benghazi consulate. LIARS…there were many calls fearing an attack was imminent sent out by NOT only the Benghazi consulate and Ambassador Stevens himself, but also by our Tripoli embassy. Stevens sent out numerous pleas for help in the days and hours before the attack, because he knew of and feared the significant number of well-armed militias, all with ties to al-Qaeda, that were roaming the area around Benghazi. Also, remember that just a few months before, in June of the same year, a terrorist attack on the British Ambassador to Libya was attempted (thankfully it failed) causing both Britain and the International Red Cross to close their Benghazi offices…and the Red Cross just does NOT pick up and run without justification.

Those events in June alone should have served as a warning to Washington that our consulate and our people were in danger.

Third, fast forward to September 10th, when al-Qaeda head honcho Ayman al-Zawahrin publicly called on Libyans to seek revenge for the killing of a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, and that the next morning, September 11th, Libyan so-called ‘police officers’ who were supposed to be helping guard the compound were seen taking pictures of the inside of the compound. In fact, Ambassador Stevens sent an e-mail to DC that morning stating that he found this picture taking “troubling” and received NO reply. Now add in that on the afternoon of September 11th, the Blue Mountain Security manager, whose company also provided some of the guards for the Benghazi compound, sensed something was wrong and put out an alert via radio and cellphone, and according to media reports, there were roadblocks and check points set up well in advance of the attack because of his alert.

Fourth, our response to all this was to send up an unarmed surveillance drone over the consulate compound about 90 minutes AFTER the attack started…the very drone through which Barack HUSSEIN Obama watched our people being slaughtered…which of course he claimed he NEVER did. And if you believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you, because (and this is my belief alone) this man had to make sure Stevens was killed one way or the other so his ‘secret’ would be safe…so rest assured he saw it all.

And now remember all the conflicting reports of orders being issued or orders NOT being issued to ‘stand down’. I say ordering forces that were prepared to assist during an on-going attack to ‘stand down’ or NOT giving go orders at all to units ready, willing, and able to assist is NOT an act of negligence as some are trying to claim, but borders on…if NOT is…an act of treason.

And so, General Carter Ham, then commander of AFRICOM whose jurisdiction took in Benghazi, testified last week about that fateful night during a closed door hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, but isn’t it odd that NO reports of his testimony have been reported on…NONE whatsoever by any of the news media…just reports on the testimony of underlings…hmmm…

What we do know at this point is that two Marine anti-terrorist teams based in Rota, Spain, were ready to go assist in Benghazi, but reports claimed that it would have taken the first team 23 hours to get to Tripoli (which is an out and out LIE for while the two locations are 1,553 miles apart they’re only 3 hours 5 minutes apart in flight time), and that the second team was NEVER deployed because they were told that US personnel had been evacuated from Benghazi…another LIE because NO one had been evacuated and NO one was sent in to evacuate anyone. And isn’t it also odd that NOT one of these supposed ‘evacuees’… survivors actually…eye witnesses to the day’s events…has been seen or talked to by any media outlet…convenient huh. Also, there was a 130-man, fully armed Marine Force-Recon unit on the ground in Sigonella, Sicily, that could have been in Benghazi in 1 hour and 14 minutes, for the two locations are only 610 miles apart, but was NEVER called to do so.

So, with General Ham testifying in a closed-door session with the House Armed Services Committee, we still CANNOT get word of what his testimony entailed, but underling Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson said his commanders…and who pray tell were those commanders…told him to remain in the capital of Tripoli to defend Americans in case of additional attacks, and to help survivors being evacuated from Benghazi…but at that time NO one was being evacuated as the consulate was under heavy attack with NO help coming to either aid or rescue them.

And even with this testimony, even if the actual words ‘stand down’ were NOT uttered, the bottom line remains that with NO help forthcoming…with all parties involved making excuses for why help couldn’t be sent…this proves there was a total lack of military response to Ambassador Stevens’ pleas for help even with what the drone overhead was showing, and that in and of itself is an order to ‘stand down’ as far as I’m concerned.

Now to the photograph itself and remember this is NOT a newly released photograph but a photograph now seen differently, because one main point in this photograph has been overlooked by all…until now that is. Remember reports by a Libyan doctor claimed Stevens died ‘at the consulate’ of “severe asphyxia,” sometimes known as smoke inhalation, but results of an autopsy done on Stevens’ body after it was returned to the US have NOT been made public to either prove or disprove that. And then known al-Qaeda terrorist Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin piped in claiming Stevens was killed by lethal injection ‘at the consulate’, and while some do NOT discard that as a possible cause of death that too has NOT been proven or disproved, again because our government has NOT released our US done autopsy results. But no matter as neither of those scenarios is the truth because Ambassador Stevens did NOT die at the Benghazi consulate…he died…NO he was MURDERED… after being taken very much ALIVE from the consulate and at the direct hands of the enemy…an enemy aided by our president…and here’s the proof…

Notice Ambassador Stevens being carried by the barbarians…notice his right arm hanging down limp…now notice his bent left arm up by his face trying to either protect his face, cover his eyes, or even wipe tears from his eyes, but guess what…dead men do NOT wipe tears from their eyes nor do they try to cover their faces…NO…AMBASSADOR STEVENS WAS ALIVE NOT DEAD FROM SMOKE INHALATION and NO crap that he died at the hospital…and NO nonsense that maybe rigor-mortise had set in to bend his arm because that takes hours to happen and the time frame for that just isn’t here. This man was NOT being taken to a hospital after death as claimed but was dragged ALIVE through the streets, raped, sodomized, brutalized, and murdered by these muslim bast*rds, and this is why NO official US autopsy reports have been released. This fact had and still has to be hidden at all costs for Stevens being alive at this point could very well blow Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s cover-ups of why that night in Benghai happened.

Bottom line…our miserable muslim sympathizing president and his equally miserable former Secretary of State both NOT only LIED to us all about the reason for Benghazi, but also covered-up the cause of Ambassador Stevens’ death and everything relating to Benghazi. And that, I believe, is grounds for immediate arrest for treason.

About Diane Sori (278 Articles)
I’m an American Patriot who refuses to let our beloved country be changed into something unrecognizable by a man who wants to radically alter and destroy our America and take away our children’s future. We patriots ARE the grassroots movement and we bloggers must spread the truth about the corrupt and traitorous Obama regime and his sanctioned islamization of America before it’s too late.
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  • Diane Thompson

    Great job, Diane! Wow, some of this was mentioned early on in the story, but this administration has never “allowed” for this specific information to come out. Thanks for informing us!!!

    • Diane Sori

      You’re very welcome. BTW, notice Steven’s head…if he was dead his head would be down towards his chest NOT in a trying to hold it up position…just a bit more observation.

      • Laura StraightUp

        For sure, Diane, GREAT JOB! This is another big exposure of yet more HUGE LIES regarding the serious crimes committed against our own on that horrific day. Thanks for discovering more valuable answers to help bring Justice for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty, and Tyrone Woods. We will not let this go.

  • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

    According to testimony given by Mr. Hicks the Marines in Tripoli were told via phone to not go to Benghazi.

    Since the testimony of Mr. Hicks I have either read or heard in an interview that the Marines in Tripoli had standing orders to protect the ambassador and his entourage, and in that situation the only person who could change those orders would be the CIC. It may have been an interview with General McKiernan on FOX News where that information came from, but I’ve read and listened to so much that I can’t be sure.

    Thank you for this very informative article. I don’t remember seeing that photo.

    God bless you.

    • Yukidongo

      The CIC is the ONLY person who can give a stand down order. The administration set up a kidnapping to have Stevens kidnapped for exchange for the Blind Sheik. The SEALS did not obey the order to stand down, and the “walk in the park” the AlQueda group thougt they would have was not there, so they killed all involved. Chris Stevens was there to broker a deal for running weapons through Turkey, with the Turkish ambassador. Those missiles were to go to Syrai to the AlQueda and Muslim Brotherhood rebels, from all over the middle east and misnomered, Syrian rebels. While they hide out in the sympathizing population, they are not most of them Syrian. And, 80% of the population support Asad…At his worst, he would be better than the Sharia law and Theocracy they have seen befall Libya and Egypt. Those people in Egypt wanted Democracy, and got an “election”. After that the MB began taking more and more rights and freedoms and established Sharia. Make no mistake…Sharia and Democracy are mutually exclusive. And, it is my belief from my research that Obama engineered the entire Arab Spring, starting with an experiment in Tunisia, and rolling across the ME. At every turn it has established an extremist government. Meanwhile they lie about this, and it is the most important of all the scndals. It is the one that shows treason, lying, and many other things. Selling or providing guns to Americas sworn enemy is Treason. It is long past time for the Traitors and Extremist Muslims in our Administration to go…

      • allen goldberg

        Not true. The Secretary of Defense can and so can POTUS.

        And Chris Stevens found out that Obama was running guns and money to Al Qaeda…not to broker a deal. Obama could not allow him to alive…especially during an election cycle!!!

        • Diane Sori

          The SOD did NOT give the stand down order…he swore that under testimony so that leaves only Obama…and YES, I have said since day one that Stevens found out what Obama was doing and was going to go public…next thing yo know he’s dead.

      • Diane Sori


    • Diane Sori

      ONLY the POTUS could have given the order to stand down as ALL the generals swore that they did NOT.

  • Dusk45

    I have a page as well please join if you wish. thank you for being a patriot.

    • Diane Sori

      Remember that we are all in this battle for our country together.

  • Betty Ramirez


  • Ellen Ernste Rollins

    Thank you for comfirming my suspicions from the beginning. I watched the filming of the attack that obama, clinton and others sat there and watched. That film has got to be some where to be obtained? I am sooo fed up with this administration, most all of them should be tried and put in prison and get rid of all the muslims, obummer has set in important positions… Grrrrrrrrr !~

    • Diane Sori

      I so agree…they watched them die and did NOTHING! And Obama left the next morning for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

    • Virgil Ferguson

      Vengence is mine said the Lord . I want to watch.

  • Blake Stanton

    They all knew what was really going on because of flash traffic. The gun running part to the Syrian Rebels is plausible. We need more people to come forward and tell the truth in face of being intimidated and threatened to conceal their knowledge of actual events and words spoken.

  • Lyn Collina

    The truth always comes out. It just takes so long and justice even longer.

    • Diane Sori

      Sadly true.

  • Judith Miller

    Our president lies are catching up with him.

    • boogsmama

      not soon enough tho…or we could have been spared 4 more years of his “agendas”

      • Don Payson

        so, rise up and have him removed from office. The people have that power

        • J.B.

          We are having trouble even getting our “representatives” not to give our citizenship rights to illegal aliens or stop them from taking over our very lives through “health care,” what makes you think they will start impeachment procedures?

  • Rebecca Ponder

    I noticed that also, for his sake I was hoping he was dead. But, when I noticed his arm I knew better.

    • boogsmama

      it sickens me and breaks my heart that those poor men had to suffer the way they did.

      • Diane Sori

        Breaks mine too…and all because we have a muzzie usurping lying POS traitor in the White House.

  • Virgil Ferguson

    What you really mean is that odummer and killer had the ambassador murdered because of the gun running. That is what I’ve been saying all along.

    • Diane Sori

      I’ve been saying just that since day one.

      • Laura StraightUp

        Right, and they also knew the state of affairs in that area. It was volatile and highly unstable despite the White House’s narrative. It put Obama’s strike on Libya without Congress’s approval in a possible criminal investigation. A close friend of mine was murdered ten days after Gaddafi was. She knew all the details about the U.S. and Libyan relationship and circumstances of the last 10 years leading to Gaddafi’s demise. She “suddenly died” Oct. 30, 2011. handled their nuclear disarming and disposal of chemical weapons. Such a waste, she was a passionate hard working girl who loved what she did in anti-proliferation. She also was in Moscow during the disarmament in the early 90’s. People die senselessly everyday for something they may not even know is dangerous for them to know. I am determined to make sure her memory is kept alive eternally, and that we get the confirmation of everything we know about Benghazi, and that some big monster ego filled heads ROLL! Thanks Again!

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  • Ann Cain

    Diane, I, too, noticed Steven’s left arm wiping a wound or something from his face in this picture as soon as it was released in September and I fully agree with your assessment that Obama wanted him dead to keep him quiet. Now, I could be wrong about that…perhaps there was a kidnapping plan or other scheme but I’m sure this was an Obama administration set up from the start and it feels good to read your account and views because you’re the only person making sense! All the lies are based on the premise that Stevens was already dead when taken out of the faux Consulate but the picture is undeniable proof of that statement was and is a trumped up lie perpetuated by the MSM and even Fox News does NOTHING to dispute this lie which proves their Saudi and lib owners are part of this conspiracy to lie to the American public, defending Obama’s regime. Thank you for continuing to speak the truth!

    • Tom Smalley

      next time you see the fire video ,the smoke goes down from Ceiling and leaves 3 foot from floor up ,many could had survived , stop drop and roll , no smoke down there

    • Diane Sori

      You’re very welcome…and I will continue to speak the truth…always.

  • Angi Bryan

    Might I also add, he seems to be holding his head up and slightly turned. His head is not dangling. Also, look at his back, it’s red, indicating blood flow. I would say that it’s farly obvious that he’s alive in this picture.

    • Diane Sori


  • Sherri

    Diane, thanks for the article. I would also like to add that I think the White House watched the whole thing. I think the comment that Joe Biden made at the ceremony when the body of Ty Woods was brought home, is incriminating. Joe approached Ty’s father and said in a loud and boisterous voice, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?” Why would a left leaning, military hating person say something like this about a man who wouldn’t stand down when told to do so. Besides being incredibly brave by voluntarily trying to help (which I don’t think would impress Joe that much), why would Joe say that unless he saw some great heroics?

  • drschuetz

    Excellent Work, Diane. Well done.

    • Diane Sori


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  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes


    CONGRESS MUST ACT! Ambassador Stevens knew too much! It is alleged that Stevens funneled the money and arms to Al Qaeda, et al for the revolution support in Libya and other hotbeds as well as “gun-running” through Benghazi into the Syrian rebels. The best way to silence any possible embarrassing statements was Stevens death. By Obama throwing Stevens under the bus, the muslim dogs were able to make another bold statement against the U. S. and be momentarily appeased! What a tragic, cruel and careless waste of American lives! Obama is a muslim! He will use any system to destroy America… make us a third world country… usurp all power and transfer our country to the U.N. muslim radicals who (thanks to No Immigration enforcement and No southern borders) are already in place by the millions throughout our country in “sleeper cells” with over 35 Secret Terrorist Training Camps, to take over – establish their muslim caliphate, complete with Sharia law! Obama has been sponsored and groomed many years for this purpose! He is a treasonous imposter with a conspiracy in place to complete what the twin towers began! allah akbar is his slogan! That is his goal and he has used any method necessary to achieve it! We must WAKE UP! Obama will not leave office without a fight! He will create a State of Emergency for some phony reason and declare Martial law! When he does, in accordance with his own Executive Order #11921, Congress can do nothing for six months. It will then be too late! The clock is ticking! Congress must move! Some members of Congress and the Supreme Court must be participating in this Conspiracy because it seems insane that no one has taken action until now! Everytime the House attempts anything, the Senate doesn’t act! The Supreme Court constantly fail to consider Obama’s eligibility! SHAME ON YOU CONGRESS! SHAME ON YOU, SUPREME COURT JUSTICES! ACT!


      Shirley Ann,
      Why do you think they are involved in the Zimmerman case? Get a nice little race war going then crack down with martial law. Then comes the take all guns syndrome.
      They know they are dead in the water unless they can get the guns. They would have to have at least 100 million or more to take us down..
      Also, have you noticed how all the mass shooting have stopped since Zimmerman?
      They will probably start right back up again if the Zimmerman flames start dying down.
      I have never been in politics but going through all these sites and picking up pieces of info here and there it would seem to me their is a major coup-de etat ( SP?) against our nation now ongoing and in place.
      PS why is there still no ammunition on the gun store shelves ? Stay Alert

      • Diane Sori

        The American people are the world’s largest militia…as in ‘behind every blade of grass…’ Just let him try to take ‘We the People’s’ guns away…it won’t be pretty.

        • Merci

          Diane, I know you are right, but what about the militarization of our police? What about DHS agents and FEMA? What about the 386,000 foreign troops here, waiting for martial law to be declared? O has been building his civilian army for 5 years now, while continuously stripping and weakening our military. I belong to many patriot groups, but I have not heard a whisper of any plans to gather and fight against that monster and his minions!

    • Satan

      Too many Quislings in congress atm, and too many brown shirts running the Fatherland.. erm motherland.. erm homeland(gets confusing) security and the POTUS has uncorked the Muslim brotherhood genie. Its going to be next to impossible if not totally, to bottle it back up. Revolution in this country is what its going to take, But Big Brother knows this.. and has been arming itself to fend off the minions in the upcoming fights to take back our Country and Constitution. yea that’s what I said NSA.. IM ready. are you?

    • Diane Sori

      Stevens was NOT part of Obama’s operation I believe…but found out about it and was going to go public and expose Obama…just my opinion.

  • kay

    some did report about the rape, but the mainstream never touched that—It would have enraged the american citizens,

  • RayAncel

    Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails. Remember, Republicans are the guys who spent years going “Obama will never release his birth certificate,” then lo and hold he does it just to spite them. He always seems to give them just enough rope to hang themselves on their own stupidity.

    • Richard Lowery

      If you are correct, then why won’t Obama or Clinton answer any question. You can’t blame Republicans for everything. But I guess if you saw Obama commit murder or some other crime, five feet from you’r face. You would still blame Republicans.

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

      He released a forged digital document.

      Talk about stupid!

  • mary kempski

    all this information comes out and still obama and the rest walk free, will someone tell me why????? it is like they can get away with anything in the white house… what will it take to have them arrested and taken to court.????

  • Marion Smith

    OBAMA and HIS CREW have to be the bottom of the septic system and smell so bad, the South Africans have asked him to please go home (AND THESE ARE HIS PEOPLE). When my dogs sees this turd on TV, the hair on the back of her neck stand up and she growls like any animal that senses PURE EVIL. I really wish he would climb over my fence – she has too much sense to be PC.

    • angelou

      Mine too…a German shepherd who smells men like him…he wouldn’t stand a chance. Between my dog and the 2nd amendment we don’t need any other protection.

  • Richard Lowery

    Why is he still in power? Nixon was impeached for much less.

    • angelou

      Because our corrupt Congress has been bought and doesn’t have the ‘Cajones” to stand up to the Usurper and his criminal administration. The Speaker Boehner caves…we need Republicans (especially Tea Party Conversatives like Ted Cruz) who does have what it takes to go after Obama – Sheriff Joe has all the ammunition needed.

  • Tom Smalley

    WOW next time you see the fire video ,the smoke goes down from Ceiling and leaves 3 foot from floor up ,many could had survived , stop drop and roll , no smoke down there

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  • loangirl

    Hi Diane! Great article! How do we get the rest of the world to see this and know what is going on? I have known from the beginning that he was a Big problem! Where there is Smoke there is always Fire! Some of us know the evil in his heart! Some don’t care as long as they get a food card, cell phone and some of our bank accounts, that he wants to distribute to the chosen few, until he becomes King! How do we get him out?!

    • angelou

      We ought to ask those who support an Constitutionally ineligible “president” if free cell phones, food stamps etc., is a high enough price to pay for forthcoming tyranny, slavery and a bankrupt nation. What happens when the country goes like Detroit has now – cannot pay their creditors, nor the people. Takes 58 minutes for police to arrive…this is what you want for a man who lies to you – about everything…including the murder of four American’s?

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    I never thought Ambassador Steven was dead when I saw the pictures of him carried in the street. I never saw this particular picture before though. It almost looks like his pants are pulled down, but it’s hard to tell. Someone’s head is blocking.
    He was alive then. He was tortured and killed. For an election, this act of war was ignored. Three other brave Americans were left to die as well. And they lied to us.
    All so Barack Obama could say ” Al-Qaeda was on the run”.
    I won’t give up on Benghazi. I won’t just let it go away.

  • soonanTX

    If Congress lets this drop then they are all complicit! This is just sickening.

    • angelou

      Congress is corrupt by caving into an illegal president; complicit in first allowing this Usurper the presidency knowing full well he was an illegal set up by Soros, Bill Ayers and the rest of the band of traitors. Obama went to the WH lying in the first place and every time he opens his mouth, he lies. The same goes for Hitlery Clinton who has an extremely murderous past along with her cigar smoking husband Bill. I don’t believe anyone with a grain of common sense could believe either one. One thing – We as THE PEOPLE cannot allow these two traitors to get away with Benghazie. Hitlery is wanting to run for president – should she ever succeed it will be no different than what we have now – she is as dirty as Obama and his thug Chicago style administration run by Muslims, Marxist Socialist Communists. We desperately need to clean house quickly or we, including our children and grandchildren will live under tyranny and slavery.

      • soonanTX

        Hillary would be every bit as bad if not worse. I think she is more traitorous than even he is. She would be right there clamoring for the NWO and demanding to be part of the ruling class. She is also more intelligent than he ever could be as mostly a community organizer with puppet strings. She is more the type to be pulling the strings.

        I have worked hard trying to keep up with the news and do my part with contacting my men in congress. But I am getting worn out with the futility…even with the good ones. Try to get an honest answer or clarification of where they stand and you will most likely hit a brick wall. Cruz is one of my senators and HE DOES NOT ANSWER EMAILS! He sends newsletters instead. This is one big sore point with me. Nothing in writing. You are expected to call instead. No proof there in what you were told.

  • Diane Sori

    Thanks guys for all your kind words. I knew from day one the Stevens had to be silenced and using Chicago thug tactics is a hallmark of this muzzie usurping lying POS traitor of a POTUS and ALL in his administration who either condoned this or looked away. FYI, the reason NO one in Congress acts is because they’re ALL afraid of the race card being used against them as they forget it’s country before self-interest making them cowards of the first degree.

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

      I recently sent a letter to my 3 Republican stooges in Congress asking them what kind of info the pseudo president had on them from his NSA spying program? I haven’t received a response yet.

      • Satan

        LOL.. your contempt and conspiracy charges are waiting for the rubber stamp. That when you will see “their” response.


    What I want to know is where is the outrage from the Ambassador’s family? Most families would be all over this if it happened to them. This whole administration are a disgrace to our country, this should have never happened. Good article.

  • louisk

    This is just another piece of the complicated puzzle that proves without a doubt that both the President of the United States and the Secretary of state are guilty of treason, collusion , lying , subversion and should be incarcerated for the rest of their natural lives. Period. the flow of accusatory information will continue to flow.

  • yennikcm

    thanks Diane

  • allen goldberg

    Question: who can tell the military to stand down? Only two people I am aware of…the Secretary of Defense and POTUS. Panetta has said under oath..he did not give the order.


    He is a murderer and complicit in conspiracy to commit murder.

  • kenbrewerus

    Thanks for calling this photo to everyone’s attention, Diane. Thanks, also, for being a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere, someone who can write and spell, takes the time to clean up any typos and errors. In other words, proofreading your writing adds greatly to your credibility.

  • mary1160

    Obama, and his band of Satanic thieves have this man’s blood on their hands…I hope they will hear his cries for help continuously when they rot in hell.

  • Paul Dube

    Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the entire leadership in the State Department should be tried for treason. They are singularly responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the brave SEAL’s who were killed defending the people in the consulate building. It also shows that Stevens was alive before he was taken to the hospital where he was murdered by Islamo-ape vermin and then sodomized by them. If there is no real justice for this atrocity then our Republic is surely dead. Treyvon Martin was just a distraction invented by the Obama Administration and the press to detract from the TRUE INJUSTICES being perpetrated. Shame on all who ignore this story.

  • Satan

    Divide(the American people) and Conquer… need I say more?

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  • John Lynch

    Agatha Christie’s TEN LITTLE INDIANS, except the murdered weren’t deserving …

  • J.B.

    We will know the whole truth one day, and then there will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. These poor men, to have to go through what they suffered. Why Chris Stevens’ parents don’t stand up and start screaming for justice, I don’t know, other than perhaps that they have been threatened. I would face the government goons straight on and be in their faces every minute until something was done, if this had been my son.

  • Marian48

    Where did you get your NEW information??? From your tiny brain???

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