What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

After the close of Red Jacket Firearms, its employees turned to the spotlight. Some went on to become famous producers on YouTube. Others took over the shop. Stephanie Hayden focused her attention on a new business, and Joe Meaux managed the new enterprise. The Meaux family has not given up on the business. They are still working hard to provide the best customer service possible. Here is what happened to Red Jacket Firearms.

The first thing to understand is what happened to the company. Will Hayden, the owner of Red Jacket Firearms, was arrested on multiple charges of sexual assault and child molestation. The show ended after five seasons after Hayden was accused of raping a minor. The shop has since been renamed Meaux Guns and Ammo, a more accurate description. However, the question remains, what happened to the shop after Will’s arrest?

After Will Hayden was arrested, the other two members were arrested. After a brief jail term, the cast was released from jail and renamed the business the Sons of Guns. The company has since been back on the weapons business and is now operating without Will Hayden’s involvement. And in a move that is entirely in keeping with its mission, the production team has also been reformed.

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms was an unfortunate result of Hayden’s decisions, but his efforts were rewarded. The new owners were able to keep the business going while he served a three-year sentence for crimes involving a minor. After a lengthy legal battle, the business’s founders gave up their gun-making license and rented property on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge.

While the Red Jacket Firearms shop’s reputation is now ruined and its owner, Will Hayden is facing a criminal trial. His trial has been delayed while he is in jail for his crimes. The former owner of the company had risen to prominence in the firearms industry through his TV show, “Sons of Guns.” Will Hayden is currently undergoing a rape case, and he is likely to stay behind bars for a long time.

Its owners were also disgraced when they became famous on television. The reality show, Sons of Guns, featured the fabrication of weapons. It was unique and inspiring, and it led to many opportunities for Hayden. The show also showed the process of gunsmithing. In the end, the show ended in the disgrace of the former owner. Its story could have inspired aspiring gunsmiths to pursue their passions and talents.

The owners of Red Jacket Firearms, Stephanie Hayden and Will Hayden, were the two most prominent characters. Will and Stephanie Hayden divorced in their late teens. The former had plans to start a side business. They made the company’s customers pay for their purchases. The sales of the weapons had become so popular that it was greenlighted on the Discovery Channel. Afterwards, the Discovery Channel greenlit the show and it became one of the world’s most famous firearms stores.

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