What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

The last season of the Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns featured an episode about Red Jacket Firearms. The show was a hit, but was canceled abruptly due to Will Hayden’s arrest. Will Hayden was the owner of Red Jacket Firearms. Will’s arrest and subsequent trial have sparked an intense controversy over the firearms manufacturer’s future. While we’ll have to wait until the show returns to see the outcome, we can speculate about what happened to the company’s owner.

The show focused on the owner of Red Jacket Firearms, Will Hayden. He earned not only recognition in the firearms business, but also in the tv show. After being convicted of his crime, Hayden was sentenced to three life sentences plus forty years in prison. This means he’ll be in prison for a long time. The episode also affected the shop’s reputation, and it eventually closed its doors due to Hayden’s lengthy sentence.

The story of Red Jacket Firearms could have inspired young dreamers to pursue their passions. The show’s focus on weapon fabrication and modification was a unique feature of the show. It would have been a great way to get people interested in firearms, but the robbery and subsequent legal troubles ultimately led to the disgrace of Red Jacket Firearms. In the end, however, Will Hayden’s story is a tragic one.

Hayden’s criminal past has not stopped him from committing criminal acts. He entered into a licensing agreement with an illegal car dealership in Texas and hid money-making schemes by trading under the name of Red Jacket Firearms. It appears that these activities are not what Hayden was trying to hide. In the end, he ruined the company by leaving it unintentionally in the hands of his children.

The Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns” series will return soon, but for now, the company is still closed. Hayden’s rebranded company will be Meaux Guns and Ammo, and he will be charged with aggravated rape of a 12-year-old girl. Hayden’s arrest is the latest in a long line of allegations against Will Hayden, the owner of Red Jacket Firearms.

In the end, Red Jacket is in huge debt and in dire need of cash due to a failed SOCOM order. Vince also tried to poach employees, but Flem, Kris, and Stephanie have left the company and started their own businesses. After season four, Joe and his crew duel with the American Guns, and they have their hands full with the weapons. If you’re wondering what happened to Red Jacket, check out the episodes. They will make you rethink your approach to firearms.

After “Sons of Guns,” Ford stayed out of the public eye. He worked in the family business to keep the company running. He also worked with Stephanie Hayden to create new ventures. The couple has two children. The two were married in 2011, and have a son together. While their relationship was strained, the company’s success continues to inspire people. If you’re looking for a new career or a new hobby, there’s no better time than now.

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