Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now?

who owns marlin firearms now

You may be wondering who owns Marlin firearms now. The Marlin brand is known for making the popular lever-action and bolt-action hunting rifles and.22 rimfire semi-automatic long guns. However, the brand’s parent company, Remington Outdoor Company, has gone bankrupt and will be fully liquidated by September 2020. This change in ownership will have a lot of implications for Marlin firearms customers, but is this the end of the Marlin brand?

After being acquired by Remington Outdoor Company in 2010, Marlin had suffered from a lack of quality control. Remington decided not to hire the experienced employees Marlin had in its arsenal. These workers were forced to learn how to build lever-action rifles, a process that results in thousands of rifles of subpar quality. In addition, Remington’s corporate culture was not conducive to the manufacturing of quality handguns, which is one of the reasons why the Marlin brand is so popular.

Ruger recently purchased Marlin Firearms’ assets during Remington Outdoor’s bankruptcy proceedings. The company is currently reviewing the Marlin Firearms designs and tailoring their manufacturing process to meet their high standards. The first firearms to come out of the new factory will be centerfire lever-action rifles. Ruger will have the best chance of surviving the bankruptcy. If the company continues to grow, then it’s inevitable that the quality and design will be better than ever.

Originally, Marlin Firearms was an underdog in the market. However, it soon caught up with Winchester, and today, the Marlin brand is the number one seller of lever-action rifles in North America. The company is credited with the invention of side-ejection, which allows firearms to have flat tops. The flat tops also facilitate mounting of scopes, and helped Marlin capture a larger portion of the market. In addition to these advantages, Marlin Firearms are heavier and larger than the comparable Winchester line. This allows them to use higher-powered cartridges.

After acquiring Marlin Firearms, Remington’s brand is now owned by Ruger, which plans to produce the iconic Marlin sporting rifles. Ruger bought the assets in a bankruptcy sale in late September, and has plans to produce Marlin sporting rifles. The sale was concluded through a bidding war in a federal bankruptcy court, and Ruger paid $28 million for the Marlin Firearms brand and assets.

The Marlin brand is no longer made in North Haven, Connecticut. After 141 years, the North Haven plant closed its doors. In 2008, the company was acquired by Remington Arms Co. Inc., which is another vendor of firearms. However, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre triggered a sale of the shares held by Cerberus Capital Management. Despite the recent changes, the NRA continues to have contact with the company’s officials.

When it comes to guns, a good source of information is the federal database. If a gun is a classic, you can check with local police. If it is a newer model, you can always contact the manufacturer or the federal database. A newer model might not be eligible for a search. The same goes for a used firearm. It’s important to keep in mind that Marlin is a well-established brand in the industry.

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