Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now – An Overview of This Old Gunmaker?

If you are looking for a way to get your hands on one of the best guns on the market today then look no further than Marlin firearms. Known most notably for the legendary trigger that they have put onto every single model since the company’s founding in 1933 this company is truly the definition of consistency. It may be that you have already heard of the company but if not I encourage you to take a moment and look at what they have to offer. You will find that not only do they produce excellent firearms but that they manufacture them with the quality and attention to detail that has earned them the reputation of being the best. So if you are looking for an answer to the question, “Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now?”

who owns marlin firearms now

The very best part about Marlin is that they are a one-stop shop for just about any hunting gear and accessories that you could possibly need or want. If it is an exotic type of cartridge that you are after then you can find exactly that in abundance. In addition to this, if it is a silencer or muzzleloader that you are looking for you can also find just what you need in Remington Outdoor just minutes from the Marlin Company’s headquarters. The entire company is dedicated to producing only the very best in both of these very important product categories.

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between Remington firearms and Marlin firearms?” In actuality there is not much difference because both companies specialize in high quality hunting products. However, in order for their products to stand out above the competition they use the best of both materials. This includes utilizing steel parts and other high tech components to help ensure that their products are as safe as possible when it comes to the safety of their customers.

If you are wondering exactly what the difference between the Remington firearms and the Marlin firearms is then the answer is simple. Marlin is known as one of the top suppliers of traditional repeating rifles. Because of this the company is constantly upgrading its models to keep up with the changing dynamics of the hunting world. What this means is that you can choose from a variety of different models including the classic Ruger model. Both the Ruger and the Marlin rifle models use similar bolt action to help ensure that the rifle will function well no matter where you plan on taking it.

If you are looking for an excellent hunting product and don’t mind spending a bit more money than you would like then you definitely need to consider either the Ruger or the Marlin rifle range. When comparing the two companies there are many points to consider but the first thing to mention is the pricing. It seems that over the past few years the Ruger brand has dropped in popularity but, fortunately, this doesn’t mean that the Marlin firearms are inferior. Quite the contrary, actually. The Marlin rifles tend to cost a bit more than Ruger but, they are a better value and certainly worth checking out. However, when deciding between the two you always want to look at more than just price.

In comparing the two companies it seems as though Ruger has moved up on the scale but, before you make your final decision you should definitely read some Ruger literature. In the meantime, let’s assume that we have already narrowed the scope to Ruger and we have both decided that the best option is to go ahead and order a couple of Marlin rifles. What should you look for when you start shopping for one? There are actually a number of different things to consider and one of these is the company’s selection of rifles. As previously mentioned, both the Ruger and the Marlin firearms are manufactured by the same company, so this is always going to be one of the most important factors to consider.

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