FMK Firearms

what does fmk firearms stand for

FMK Firearms are a manufacturer based in California. While it may not have the same exposure as a larger name, this small company produces some very nice firearms. Its products are very well-made and ergonomically designed. Each one meets military standards. There are two basic models: the 9C1 G2 semiautomatic handgun and the 9mm AR Carbine, known as the JRC.

Despite the low price, FMK firearms should not be taken lightly. While many people may mistake them for Glocks, they are shot differently and require different shooting techniques than Glocks. This is particularly true for younger shooters who might not have the same understanding of the differences.

TRA Medical, a company owned by FMK Firearms, manufactures some of its components. Its 8000 ft2 (743 m2) facility is equipped with a Doosan 500 HS vertical machining center. FMK Firearms uses a similar facility, which is about 650 square feet and houses three Doosan HP4000 horizontal machining centers and two Doosan DNM 400 vertical machining centers.

The owner of FMK Firearms has experience in tool and mold-making. His advanced machining techniques allow him to create guns that feel and function better. Using soft materials on the contact surfaces and hard metals on the functioning surfaces, FMK Firearms produces some of the finest 9mm handguns available. As a result, his company has increased its sales from one-hundred pistols in 2010 to over twelve thousand in 2018.

An ergonomically-designed pistol, the FMK 9C1 G2 DAO features extended dimples for a secure grip. It also features a flash suppressor. These pistols are very popular with female gun owners. They can be purchased in black, urban gray, or dark earth colors.

FMK Firearms are made in California and comply with current safety standards. The company sources plastic components from TRA Medical, and metal stampings and springs from other vendors. Its integrated manufacturing process allows it to machine major mechanical parts from raw stock and perform final assembly and testing in its own facility. They also offer a unique lockable box for their products. The company has a California license to produce handguns.

The FMK 9C1 G2 pistol is a polymer variant of the Glock 19. It has a similar capacity of fourteen or fifteen rounds, and a smaller footprint than the Glock 19. It is also lighter and has the same disassembly process. If you are a serious shooter, this pistol is a good choice. It is highly affordable and has a very high level of functionality.

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