How Many Firearms Are in the United States?

In 2007, the number of firearms in the United States was 259 million, with 105 million rifles and handguns. By 2009, there were an estimated 310,000,000 gun sales, up from 280 million in 2000. This increase comes as the number of guns in the US increases every year. The number of firearms in the country is increasing every year, and in 2015, there were nearly 2 billion.

how many firearms are in the united states

According to the Small Arms Survey conducted in 2014, there were 192 million guns in the United States. About 44 million people owned them, or 35% of the country’s total. Of these gun owners, 74% had more than one firearm. In 1996, the ATF reported that there were 242,000,000 guns in the country, which included 72 million handguns and 76 millions rifles. These figures do not include the weapons owned by the militaries and law enforcement agencies.

In 1994, the National Institute of Justice estimated that there were 192 million guns in the United States. Of this, 44 million people owned 35% of the guns in the country, and 65 percent of them were handguns. And seventy percent of those people owned more than one gun. And while this is a very large number, it still represents a small percentage of the total number of guns in the country.

The Small Arms Survey also found that men and women owned three-quarters of all firearms in the country. By comparison, women owned 52.8 percent of the guns. Among rural households, gun owners were more likely to own more than one gun. The highest rates were found among people aged 50 and older. Republicans were twice as likely to own guns than Democrats. Despite the high number of firearms in the country, the percentage of people with a single gun was only 7%.

As the number of guns grows, the number of firearms in the country will continue to rise. More than 330 million people are in the United States and there are approximately 400 million firearms in the country. The number of guns will increase to 430 million by 2020. By contrast, black people own only 1.4 percent of firearms. The numbers are not representative of gun ownership in other countries. There is a big difference in the number of firearms in the US, but it is still a large proportion.

The number of firearms in the United States has continued to increase. The number of gun owners has increased and now ranks at nearly three-quarters of the entire population. Although gun ownership is still on the rise, the number of guns is on the rise and a significant percentage of Americans own more than one gun. That’s a major problem for the safety of our country and is why it’s important to have accurate statistics.

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