How Much Does a Firearms Instructor Make?

how much does a firearms instructor make

A person seeking to pursue a career in firearms instruction might want to look into the salary range of a firearms instructor. The job description of a firearms instructor is a very challenging and rewarding one. This position requires a significant amount of time and effort. It is important to note that the salary for this profession is dependent on the location. Nonetheless, the pay can be highly competitive, especially in California.

Depending on experience and location, a Firearms Instructor salary can range from $18,050 to $32,412 dollars a year. Those with more than two years of experience earn as much as $26,548 per year. However, those with less than two years of experience may be able to earn much more. The average salary range for a firearms instructor is $18,504, which is 12% higher than the national average. While there is a wide range of salary for a firearms instructor, the field does not offer any opportunities for advancement or increased pay.

As an independent firearms instructor, you will need to build a website that features information about the courses you offer and their prices. You can promote these courses on social media like Facebook, but it is important that you establish credibility by showcasing your experience, background, and value. You should also consider obtaining certification to teach firearms and become a firearms instructor. This will allow you to reach more clients and earn more money.

In 2018 the average federal tax rate for a Firearms Instructor was twenty-four percent, which would mean that a Firearms Instructor could expect to take home $82,843 per year after taxes. Using bi-monthly pay periods and 2018 federal and state tax tables, firearm instructors could expect to earn approximately $3,452 per pay period. Nevertheless, this amount does not include any metro-specific taxes.

In addition to teaching students how to use firearms, a firearms instructor will be required to train the police department as a whole in firearms safety. This job requires a significant amount of training and attending seminars to stay abreast of new firearms laws. It also requires a high level of computer knowledge to keep track of stock and arrange supplies according to the budget. Furthermore, firearms instructors must be knowledgeable in using various city vehicles and must have a strong understanding of the laws.

Regardless of location, the pay for a firearms instructor depends on experience and qualifications. For example, if a firearms instructor teaches concealed carry classes to individuals who already hold a concealed handgun permit, the course fees can range from $25 to $125. A more advanced concealed carry course can cost anywhere from $60 to $200, depending on its length and credentials. Instructors have to carefully plan the number of classes they will offer each year in order to earn the maximum amount of money.

Applicants must have a solid background in firearm safety, shooting techniques, and firearms safety. NRA-certified firearms instructors are responsible for teaching employees and students the necessary skills to use firearms safely. In addition to firearms safety and handling, instructors can work for gun manufacturing companies or government agencies. They can also instruct range classes and teach basic courses. They can earn an average salary of $90 per hour in their chosen field.

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