How to Become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

how to become an nra certified firearms instructor

As a certified NRA firearms instructor, you’ll be performing a valuable service in your community, providing opportunities for others to own firearms. The NRA certification is earned by completing the appropriate NRA instructor course objectives and passing the required minimum examination. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a NRA authorized completion certificate. In addition to learning about firearm safety, you’ll also receive instructor training.

NRA Instructor Courses require completing a Basic Instructor Training course, Basic Range Safety Officer course, and NRA Basic Pistol. If you’re considering taking NRA instructor courses, you can learn about the various disciplines by enrolling in the Basic Instructor Training course. Basic Pistol instructors must complete the PPITH course and must also take the PPITH Advance Student course. Other NRA instructor courses cover Shotgun Shell and Metallic Cartridge Reloading. Taking the PPITH course also qualifies you to become a Range Safety Officer, or RSO.

To become an NRA Instructor, you must be an NRA Member. NRA Instructors receive a discount on credentialing fees. Usually, NRA instructors pay $35 for a two-year term. You can add additional ratings at $15 each. During your two-year tenure, you’ll receive a certificate of instructor certification. If you meet the prerequisites, you can begin teaching.

Basic Instructor Training is a prerequisite for NRA certification. This six-hour course covers the fundamentals of teaching firearms courses. In addition, NRA instructors must take additional courses, such as discipline-specific instructor training. During Basic Instructor Training, candidates are exposed to the NRA policies, programs, and training techniques. These courses also include the use of training aids, team teaching, and the development of a budget for firearms classes.

The NRA requires that prospective instructors complete a course in a discipline, which demonstrates a strong knowledge of firearms safety. NRA Certification helps individuals gain credibility through their life experiences. And the best part? It also gives them a sense of pride, because their students leave armed with the knowledge and skills to practice gun safety. The NRA certification provides a lifetime of fulfillment, allowing instructors to work in their community.

To become an NRA certified firearms instructor, candidates must complete basic skills in firearm safety and shooting. They must also complete a basic shotgun shooting course before beginning their instructor training. There are two components to this course, the basic instructor training (six hours) and discipline-specific instructor training (6-14 hours), which lasts approximately four months. During the course, the candidates will practice their organizational skills.

There are three levels of certification courses: Level 1, Level 2, and Hell Week(tm). The first level is held to state and national standards. Students cannot apply for exemptions for prerequisite courses. There are also multiple courses available back-to-back, making certification easier to earn. You can bundle select certification courses, such as a pistol and concealed carry concepts, into an Instructor Package. Once you’ve finished the Level 1 course, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to teach pistol and concealed carry to others.

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