How to Obtain a Federal Firearm License

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms needs a few things when they want to decide if an individual is worthy of an FFL license. The first thing they do is run a check through the criminal history of the individual. This includes checking to see what crimes happened in the past that would require him or her to have an FFL license. If there were any crimes committed, then the person would have to go before the licensing board for their license. There is a time limit for all of this.

how to obtain a federal firearms license

If someone applies to purchase a firearm from an agent and they are turned down, they might try again next time. If they are turned down a third time, they may not be able to apply for a license any longer. So it is important to have a criminal background check done on the license holder to make sure that they are who they say they are.

The second step in how to obtain a federal firearms license is going to be the application. In order to get the license, you will need to apply in person at your local office. You will also be required to submit fingerprints, take a mental health test, and pay a fee for an application. Once you fill out these things and pass them, you will be approved to receive your license.

When you apply for a license, the bureau will give you a number to put on your ID. Then you will take this ID to the local police station where you applied for the license. The police station will take care of reporting everything to the license holder. You can then take this ID to the Department of Justice office in Washington D.C.

Once you have been approved to receive a license, you will need to take the next step in how to obtain a federal firearms license. This step requires that you take a written examination from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and it can take up to four hours to complete. Once you have successfully completed the exam, you will need to attend a course given by the ATF. During the course, you will learn about the way to safely store your gun and how to safely load it.

The last step in how to obtain a federal firearms license is to take a qualifying shot. To qualify, you must shoot at least one actual firearm in a series of targets. If you fail, you will not be able to get your license.

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