New Movie Photos – New X-Men: Days of Future Past

The AR 15 Mag Release continues with the latest news regarding the long awaited X-Men event by director James Mangold. The movie will be in theaters around the United States this May and it’s set to be a major box office hit like the original X-Men series. But what exactly is the hype about? Let’s take a look at some of the key points for now.

First, we have Patrick Stewart, who played Charles Xavier in the original films. Now he is the headmaster at the Xavier Institute, which seems like a pretty cool place for him to be. He’s also got a high-tech computer and a group of young X-Men working around him. But what’s the big deal with the professor’s home-base? Is there something to it or is there not much to it at all? Has someone else in the Marvel world taken over where Professor X was when he first started out in the comic books world?

Another piece of information we are learning is that the film will feature some elements of classic X-Men characters. It will start out with Professor X retrieving a mysterious metallic sphere from mutant terrorist organization called the Juggernaut. This sphere has the power to create anything the human mind can imagine, and it ends up getting taken over. We learn from the latest AR 15 Mag Release article that Stewart’s character ends up being the one who finds this metallic sphere and takes it back to the X-Men headquarters where he starts studying it.

Then there’s the introduction of the Beast, who is the leader of the new X-Men team. He’s been brought to the film as a replacement for Cyclops, who has lately retired after suffering an injury. Beast is powerful, wise, and a powerful mutant. But what exactly are his connection to Professor X and how did he end up with the team in the first place? This is yet another question that will be answered in the upcoming trailers and clips released by the studio.

The villain in the film is Gorgon the Breaker, who was a member of the prehistoric tribe known as the Reptilians. He attacks several, including Storm, Gambit, and Jean Grey. His intention is to bring the younger X-Men into his twisted master’s realm. The powerful sorceress named Storm comes to the aid of the X-Men when Gorgon makes an attempt to kill them. She blocks the drain on Storm’s mutant power, allowing Storm to use her own natural abilities to defeat Gorgon.

Hopefully we will learn more about the villain in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past films. Fans of the series are definitely looking forward to seeing the next film, whether or not it is a sequel or a reboot of the original. If you have been following the TV show, you may know that Scottie can be featured in at least one more episode. We’ll bring you all the news on the new film as it develops.

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