What Are NFA Firearms?

What are NFA firearms? The National Firearms Act, 7th Congress, Session 7, pp. II-IX, 48 Stat. 1187, 12 37, established the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to regulate interstate commerce in firearms. The National Firearms Association (NFAA) is a not-for-profit, nonprofit organization founded in 1948 to protect Second Amendment rights. The association is considered the voice of the American people when it comes to issues involving firearms.

In felons, the National Firearms Association creates the National Firearms Registration Card (NFRIC), a two-page form that consists of basic, universal information about an individual who wishes to obtain a firearm. The card is available at local Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms offices. Applying for a firearm certificate is a fairly simple process, however, there are specific eligibility requirements that must be met. Among those requirements are the completion of a federal firearms application and passing a NICS test.

The applicant must also complete an fingerprints check, complete a fingerprint collection, submit proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residence, pay applicable registration fees, and pay a special tax. However, all NFA firearms are not subject to the NICS, including: antique firearms, ammunition, shotguns, firearms manufactured in non-regulated parts, firearms between a century and two years old, firearms that are imported and those that are in the name of a dead person. Possessing any of these can result in immediate jail time. There are other restrictions as well. For example, a licensed collector is not allowed to sell a weapon to a licensed dealer unless NFA compliant parts are available for sale to the dealer.

Once the form is completed and submitted, you will be directed to a page that allows you to click the next button to continue. On the next page, you will be asked for the information required to register the firearm as well as to indicate which licensed importer/retriever is responsible for ensuring that the firearm arrives to the designated sendee, whom you have directed to receive the firearm. The information required here are the same as those on the signed application, except for the name and address of the responsible person.

A few additional items are noted in what are NFA firearms. If you are selling or giving away the item, you will need to include a form that states that the item is an NFA firearm and is a private transfer. The words “regulated firearms” must be typed twice, the words “personal property” must be typed three times, and the words “smuggling” must be typed four times. You also need to provide a form that indicates that the firearm is an NFA weapon and that it was obtained in accordance with the provisions of the act.

If you wish to have your firearm registered, you need to follow all of the procedures outlined in what are NFA firearms. This includes completing what are NFA firearms forms 1 and 2, providing the requisite information, submitting the completed forms, and obtaining your certificate of release. There is no penalty for making a mistake on your NFA application. However, if you are found to have provided false information on your application, you could be held criminally liable for the falsified information. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you work through a licensed professional dealer who can assist you throughout the process.

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