What Are the Two Different Types of Magazines Used on Firearms?

what are the two different types of magazines used on firearms

There are two types of magazines used on firearms: drum and box. They are the most common types, and they contain bullets in rows. The difference between drum and box magazines is in their carrying capacity. Drum magazines are designed for traditional hunting, while box magazines are more versatile and can be used in airsoft or paintball games. Drum and box magazines have different loading methods, and helix magazines can hold more bullets. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing which one you need for your firearm will help you choose between the two.

Box magazines are commonly attached to the firearm with straps or clips. Box magazines can be side-by-side or integral to the firearm. The box magazine is easier to use than the drum-style magazine. It is designed to hold several rounds at once. Both types are equally common. If you’re wondering what the difference is between box and drum magazines, take a look at the diagram below.

Box magazines can be made from metal or plastic. Some are partially transparent. Box magazines are generally removable and attached to the firearm by a slot on the receiver. They allow you to quickly replace a full magazine. Some firearms feature a stripper or charger that allows you to load multiple rounds at once. These types of magazines are often found on military rifles. However, they are not as convenient as the former.

Drum magazines can be bulky. However, the drum type is convenient when it comes to storage. A drum magazine will hold two to three dozen rounds. Buttstock magazines are also popular. Many firearms have both types of magazines, which can be beneficial in the event of a shooting. There are even some that are compatible with other types of magazines. So, what are the differences between these two types of magazines?

Tubular magazines are the oldest type of firearms magazine. They were originally used on most early repeating rifles. They hold a stack of cartridges end-to-end inside a spring-loaded tube that runs parallel to the barrel or buttstock. Most rimfire and pump-action rifles use tubular magazines. Unlike their counterparts, the pointed bullets can ignite the primer of the next round, causing a chain of fire.

Single-barreled firearms use detachable boxes as their magazines. This means that they require a magazine to store cartridges and feed them into the firearm action. Single-barrel firearms generally require a detachable box magazine. The majority of magazines were designed for reciprocating bolt firearms. Tube fed firearms require a different type of magazine. Tube fed magazines have feed lips that push the cartridge forward.

In addition to box magazines, a revolver uses a detachable magazine. These detachable magazines are typically used on a rifle or a handgun. They can contain a large number of rounds. While the former is easier to load, a box magazine can contain more rounds. It is also easier to clean. You can remove the magazine to reload it.

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