When being Firearms Invented?

When were firearms invented? This is a question asked by many firearms collectors and gun owners, both old and new. Well, the answer to the question can be different depending on who you ask. If you are asking an older gun owner then the answer might vary while a collector looking to find a specific antique might not have much knowledge about when were firearms invented.

when were firearms invented

There are a few things that are agreed upon when were firearms invented but there are just as many theories as there are answers. One thing that is agreed upon is that firearms were used in war before they were invented and were mostly used for killing game. They were also used to create large scale weapons like the machine gun and were used by the military. Once the general public learned of their lethality they started to use them as a form of self defense and these changes sparked the rise of gun sales across the United States and indeed the world.

It was around this time that gun manufactures started to become popular and manufacture firearms for the common person. They could be used by any person in any country and they could be bought, sold or borrowed. This is where the story of when were firearms invented changes for the worse. When the mass manufacturing of firearms took place in the United States, it created a shortage of licensed dealers which led to the ban of handguns in the US.

There are some people who question the date when did the second amendment (the right to bear arms) get passed? Some people also question when were firearms invented? Some people claim that the use of the gun was mentioned way back in the Bible while others say it was mentioned in the 7th Century BC. Others still believe that the invention was made by the Druids. There are even those who say that the gun was made around the time of the Romans when they came into contact with the ancient Greeks. The Romans would certainly have used the gun since they were warriors and their weaponry was of superior quality.

When were firearms invented? The rifle was probably invented around the 12th Century and the pistol probably came into play around the fifteenth century. In between the thirteenth century and the fourteenth century were the firearms used extensively throughout Europe. As time went on the gun became more popular and firearms became a symbol of freedom.

Today when a kid goes to a playground and sees a toy gun everybody wants to ask, “When were firearms invented?” The answer to the question should never be a question about when did the gun actually shoot a bullet. We should be able to answer this question easily. The answer is firearms when they were invented and we will never see another gun like the one our grandfather or great grandmother fired in anger. Please consider all this in 2021.

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