Where Are ATI Firearms Made?

where are ati firearms made

The answer to the question, “where are ATI firearms made?” may surprise you. The answer is actually the Philippines, though the company is an importer and distributor for products made abroad. This helps keep the prices competitive while still making high-quality products. ATI’s FX Military 1911 is made in the Philippines, while the American Tactical Inc. 1911 is 100% made in the USA. This pistol is ATI’s most popular replica of the 1911. It’s also the most expensive and best-quality factory-made 1911 replica in the world.

ATI manufactures AR-15 rifles, 1911s, and double-barrel shotguns. Its most popular line is the 1911 pistol, which is made from zinc alloy instead of aluminum and steel. The frame and slide are still made of steel, while the trigger is made of blued steel. The trigger is skeleton-designed, making it easy to remove after firing. If you are looking for an entry-level pistol, ATI makes the FXH series.

The company has introduced several models of AR-15-style rifles, such as the Omni Hybrid Maxx Series. These pistols feature a metal-reinforced polymer upper receiver and buffer tube housing. Omni Hybrid AR-15s are lightweight and offer high control. They also feature patented trigger pin and hammer retainment systems. A metal-reinforced polymer upper receiver also makes them easy to handle.

While many 1911s look similar to their American counterparts, ATI makes itss lighter by half a pound. 1911 shooters will appreciate the lighter weight. Another key feature is that the ATI FXH-45 Moxie features an aluminum-insert that helps stabilize the frame and address the flexing issue that plagued the 1911. A polymer frame with finger grooves is another option.

If you are interested in learning more about how radical firearms work, there is one Maine company that produces barrels for a variety of guns and ammunition. This company has pistol barrels in a variety of lengths, as well as rifle barrels. In addition, Black River’s barrels can be customized for a specific type of rifle, pistol, or shotgun. The company has several different types of firearms, including handguns and assault rifles.

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