Where Are Chiappa Firearms Made?

where are chiappa firearms made

If you are a gun enthusiast, you may have wondered where are Chiappa firearms manufactured. The Italian company, which is also known for its exotic firearms, has expanded its production and now employs 14 people in Kentucky and Ohio. The company is building a new factory in Dayton that will be online by the summer. Its facility includes a corporate headquarters that was expanded in 2002. Chiappa also has a research and development and manufacturing center to keep up with the ever-changing market.

The Chiappa manufacturing floor is state-of-the-art, but the employees are highly skilled artisans. Wood stocks are cut by hand and then put through finishing and climate-controlled curing processes. The stock is then individually crafted to fit a particular firearm receiver. The process also involves assembly by hand. Female employees are preferred over men, as they are reputed to have better manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Aside from making replicas of vintage American guns, Chiappa also makes rimfire training pistols. Its 1911-22 and M9-22 are based on Beretta’s M9. They both feature the iconic controls of the Beretta M9. This allows Beretta M9 owners to train with Chiappa firearms without burning through expensive 9mm ammo. Chiappa also manufactures replicas of classic military weapons, including the famous Sharps rifle.

In the United States and Europe, Chiappa firearms are sold under the Armi Sport/Chiappa name. The company also markets them under other names, such as Taylor & Company in Winchester, VA. Chiappa also sells their firearms under various marketing wholesalers. Chiappa firearms have a rich history in the American gun market and have been among the most popular guns in the country.

Chiappa firearms are made in Italy. Ezechiele Chiappa founded Armi Sport di Chiappa in 1958. Its rifles are made with a 22lr or 22WMR cartridge. These guns are suitable for hunting small game. Chiappa rifles are lightweight and easy to clean. They can be purchased at online gun stores. However, these guns are not suitable for everyone.

Oscar Chiappa’s son Rino was born into the firearms industry and learned how to make firearms at the Armi Sport factory in his early years. By the time he was ten, he could operate most of the manufacturing machines at the company. At that age, there were still laws in Europe and the U.S. that prevented children from learning factory or retail work. In high school, however, Oscar’s son learned how to make firearms and continued to work at the family business during the summers.

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