Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

who owns marlin firearms

If you’re wondering who owns marlin firearms, you’re not alone. Marlin Firearms Co. is an American firearm manufacturer, currently based in Madison, North Carolina. They used to be based in North Haven, Connecticut, and produced shotguns, derringers, and revolvers. They also owned H&R Firearms. While Marlin has since relocated to North Carolina, they continue to produce quality firearms.

In 1924, lawyer Frank Kenna purchased the Marlin Firearms Company. He paid $100 for the properties and a $100,000 mortgage to purchase the business. Since then, the Marlin Firearms Company has been run by the Kenna family, with one member of the family, Robert W. Behn, succeeding his father as president. In 1947, his son, Roger, assumed the presidency and the company grew steadily, even with the death of founder John Kenna.

Marlin made store-brand rifles, as well. Up until 1982, they produced Glenfield rifles under the Marlin name. They used cheaper birch stock, and did not feature the trademark bullseye or white line spacers. Glenfield rifles are still very similar to Marlins, however. This is not to say that they lack style, however. The Model 336 and Model 1891 are among the oldest sporting shoulder arms still in production.

Remington Arms, a historically important US firearms manufacturer, is selling off its assets. While Remington is known for making lever-action rifles and shotguns, they’re also selling some of their more popular brands. Ruger, another US gun maker, announced yesterday that it has accepted Marlin Firearms’ assets. The sale of Remington Arms has boosted the company’s stock price.

The company’s stock price has fallen significantly in recent years, and the deal is a win-win for everyone involved. Ruger has made some of the world’s most iconic firearms, including semi-automatic rifles and bolt-action rifles. The company also owns H&R Firearms. But the question remains, who owns Marlin Firearms? The company is currently in bankruptcy and will be fully liquidated by September 2020.

While the company began as a small pistol manufacturer in Hartford, Connecticut, it has expanded its operations to include revolvers. The company’s cylinder patents expired in 1870, so it turned to revolvers. Ballard was a breechloading rifle invented by Charles H. Ballard, a Worcester, Massachusetts, resident who had an original patent in 1861. In total, 24,000 military and sporting rifles were manufactured. Half of those were sold during the Civil War. Throughout its history, Marlin employed Merwin & Bray to sell its products.

There are several versions of the Marlin Model 1895, including the famous short-action Model 1894. These guns were originally designed to be lightweight and hard-hitting, and are still popular today. The Marlin Model 1894 has numerous variants, including the “Papoose” and the “Midnight” rifle. The model 1894 was the precursor to the Model 336.

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