Who Owns Taurus Firearms?

who owns taurus firearms

If you’re wondering who owns Taurus Firearms, there are several answers to that question. While Taurus is a relatively new company, it has a long history of innovation in the gun-making industry. If you’re interested in purchasing a Taurus handgun, read on to find out who owns the brand. There’s nothing wrong with buying an old gun that still functions just fine, but you may be curious as to who’s behind the company and why they chose to produce such a new gun.

The company’s headquarters were established in Miami, Florida, in 1982. Then, in 1984, Taurus announced its lifetime repair policy. In 1991, Taurus International Manufacturing Inc. opened a manufacturing facility and began marketing the PT-22 and PT-25 pistols. In 1990, Taurus celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving away a 1990 Ford Taurus to a dealer in New Mexico. Since then, the company has continued to grow its product line and has opened its doors to more customers worldwide.

Whether you’re purchasing a Taurus handgun or a Taurus revolver, it’s important to know who owns a gun before you buy. You can find out by asking the company’s owner for contact information. When purchasing firearms from a private party, you’ll likely need to ask the company’s business address and the name of the individual who owns the gun. It’s better to buy a firearm from a trusted company than from someone you don’t know, as this way you can protect yourself against an untrustworthy individual.

The company’s name originated in Brazil, where the company opened its first factory. Initially, it was a small tool manufacturer and later expanded into firearms production. Today, the company not only manufactures firearms but also produces helmets, large machine tools, tooling, plastic waste containers, and riot shields. Taurus has more than one factory around the world and is a global company. So, who owns Taurus Firearms?

Initially, Taurus began manufacturing revolvers, but has since expanded its line. Now, you can get a high-quality Taurus handgun for less than $500. Taurus is also known for using exotic metals, such as titanium. Some of their pistols even feature titanium frames, making them some of the lightest handguns in their class. Its range of firearms includes small conceal carry weapons, large caliber hunting guns, and even handguns for target shooting.

The company is also making new handguns, including the Taurus Curve, which features a curved handgun that contours to your body. This gun is available in black or stainless steel and weighs a mere 10.8 oz. In addition, Taurus recently released the T4SA carbine and the Taurus Spectrum, a handgun that is designed for concealed carry. Featuring a built-in holster clip, the Taurus Curve is a concealable weapon with a unique Viridian laser/light combo.

The company started out as a tool and die manufacturer, but soon expanded to firearm production. The first Taurus handgun, a revolver called the Model 38101SO, was exported to the U.S. in 1968. In 1977, the company was acquired by Bangor Punta Corporation, the parent company of Smith & Wesson. The company shared designs and manufacturing secrets with Smith & Wesson. During this time, Taurus revolvers functioned much like Smith & Wesson models. Then, in 1977, the company came under new ownership.

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